Charles Ortega, PAC, MPAS

P.A. Charles Ortega, HealthCare Provider, has spent the past 20 years serving patients in family practice across the DFW Metroplex, urgent care and orthopedics. P.A. Ortega gained experience in Orthopedic and regenerative therapies in his medical practice and has first hand knowledge of the recovery to wellness after having played sports competitively in school and as a professional. He began his careers as a P.A. in the field of orthopedics and regenerative therapy. Years later he began working in Primary Care after multiple surgeries and regenerative knee therapies.

This experience and subsequent studies expanded his knowledge to include Regenerative Therapies, Stem cell Treatments and PRP (platelet rich plasma).

P.A. Ortega likes the notion that physical therapy is designed to get patients back on their feet, but he focuses on the whole patient, not just the injury. “We have an approach where we go from the psychological aspect of an occupational injury to the physical aspect. We have a counselor onsite to address not only the physical needs, but the emotional needs. If the patient’s life is interrupted and they can’t do what they used to do, it can cause emotional problems or self-confidence issues.”

He goes on to explain that NextGen individualizes treatments. Each patient coming in will have a specific physical therapy consultation or evaluation so the team can design a program around their needs.

“Not everyone gets the same treatments. Other clinics do the same thing on everyone,” P.A. Ortega says. “We have PT techs who perform all sorts of different functional treatments—they each have their own treatment skills, but there’s a common goal for the patient.”

Convenience is key for both patients and the NextGen team. “Patients don’t have to go different places for treatment and I can go to the next office and ask about the patient and make treatment adjustments,” says P.A. Ortega. “It saves patients time and perform certain procedures in-office that others do not do. Having close-knit dialogue with the rest of the team about the patient’s care speeds up the transition of care for them. I can get immediate feedback on improvement or lack of improvement on a moment’s notice.”

The team has a goal-oriented approach to fixing things. P.A. Ortega explains that they try to provide treatments we’ve seen supported evidence for and are willing to try other approaches if conservative measures fail. “If we need a specialist, we decide when and if that’s appropriate,” he says. “We try to keep everything under one roof to give the patient a quicker and easier experience of getting back to normal function. That goes for both general medicine and physical therapy.”

P.A. Ortega has always been involved in sports playing high school and collegiate soccer. Circumstances led to bilateral knee injuries during his sports career but have provided him with firsthand experience in orthopedic conditions and sports injuries.  He has been in practice for 19 years gaining focusing on occupational, orthopedic and family medicine.

He lives with his wife and two kids in North Dallas. He enjoys spending time his family mountain biking and playing golf.

  • Texas Academy of Physician Assistants Fellow
  • American Academy of Physician Assistants Fellow
  • Texas Medical License

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