Corporate Amenity Plan

In our experience doctors and emergency rooms often carry out unnecessary and cost prohibitive labs, tests, and imaging to increase their bottom line. Patients don’t know what they need, and insurance companies can’t deny them if the doctors say they’re medically necessary.  Why are doctors and hospitals doing this?  It increases they’re bottom line.  At the end of the day they are compensated by overcharging everyone involved.  Our program will save your company money by practicing efficient and common-sense medicine for all your employees.  We vow to manage all our patients care ethically providing top quality care while being sensitive to their pocket books.

The cost of the program is $20 per person enrolled per month.  In most cases the program pays for its self after just one visit.

  • 60% off most labs and MRIs
  • Access to wholesale pricing on selected medications
  • Same or next business day appointments
  • Reduced office wait times
  • Availability to conduct family care also at reduced fees
  • Workers’ compensation savings (real quantifiable numbers)
    • Front-end savings (POET)
    • Back-end savings (up to 50% savings on actual WC services)
  • Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) & fit for duty exams
  • Drug testing
  • Analysis of clinical data stored in a computer or online, administration and interpretation of health risk assessment instruments
  • Helping the patient organize and implement their personal health information and electronic health records computer platforms with related online/telehealth/ehealth services
  • Additional visits will be provided at a reduced fee (see below)

Q: How does this save money for a company?
A: These services are cash based. Nothing goes towards employee deductibles. If deductibles are not met, then payouts aren’t needed.

Q: How does this benefit employees?
A: Reduced pricing means less money out of their pockets.

MRI (Regular Insurance) = $1200.00
MRI (NGA) = $350.00

Q: How does this save money on workers’ compensation insurance and claims?
A: POET – Post Offer Employee Testing
Test to assist in the placement and/or hiring of individuals to determine whether they possess the physical abilities to perform the essential job functions prior to job placement.

Can also be used to gather Baseline Testing – documents functional status at time of employment. Under WC – Obligation is to restore employee to same level of function at hire stage.

Example: If employee comes in and is only able to lift 10lbs and has 50% range of motion in his left arm then this becomes workers‘ comp baseline. In other words, the employer’s responsibility ends at 10lbs and 50% instead of 75lbs and 100% range of motion.

This limits employer liability and weeds out previous injuries.

If you send WC claims back to us we can confirm these findings with Texas Workers‘ Compensation. We will also offer you a 35% – 50% reduced rate on our workers’ comp plans.

*Employer has the option to pass additional rates on to employees.

Meet the Team

  • Russell B. Skinner, MD

    Russell B. Skinner, MD

      Medical Director
  • Charles Ortega, PAC, MPAS

    Charles Ortega, PAC, MPAS

      Master Of Physician Assistant
  • Dr. Grant Stophlet, PT, DPT

    Dr. Grant Stophlet, PT, DPT

      Director, Physical Therapy
  • Jeffrey Fritz, MD

    Jeffrey Fritz, MD

  • Dennis Hines, MS, LPC, MAC

    Dennis Hines, MS, LPC, MAC

  • Jack Currin, Ph.D.

    Jack Currin, Ph.D.

      Clinical Psychologist
  • Hunter Jochem, CEO

    Hunter Jochem

  • Paul Sorrels, Ph.D.

    Paul Sorrels, Ph.D.




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