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Dr. Grant Stophlet, PT, DPT

Grant Stophlet, Director of Rehabilitation, oversees the rehabilitation team and staff.  Stophlet aimed to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy after he suffered from athletic injuries in school.  He found out about physical therapy as “conservative silent medicine” that could get the person back to what they were doing prior to their injury without doing a lot of extra things.  “You can’t undo surgeries or medicines if there’s an adverse reaction, but with strengthening, stretching, conservative care and activity modification, those are things that are safer and can be highly effective,” he explains.  “That’s what drew me to it—I had good results working with physical therapists when I had my own injuries.”

Stophlet describes NextGen’s multidisciplinary approach as its strength, leveraging many different skillsets from chiropractic to physical therapy, in addition to physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners.  “We pride ourselves on being up-to-date with best practices.  Everybody takes their piece of the puzzle,” he says.  “With that, we can treat the whole patient instead of a specific diagnosis.”  He goes on to say that multiple disciplines with multiple viewpoints are more effective for treating patients with multiple issues.

“As a patient here, you’re going to get different angles and the care you need, as opposed to other places that may just be specialized toward one thing.  We will treat your whole injury based on your background and your history, not just one specific diagnosis.”

A patient who comes to NextGen receives the benefits of both a general medicine approach to decrease pain and a therapeutic approach to gaining back physical attributes that were compromised in an injury.  Stophlet states the goal is always to have patients walk out of the clinic better than they walked in.  “The reason people get into medicine in the first place is to give a patient the care they need to have less pain or no pain at all.  That’s really the reward in the healthcare field and our ultimate goal.”

Dr. Stophlet specializes in a variety of treatments, including:

  • Physical therapy evaluation and examination
  • Bio-mechanical analysis and correction
  • Manual manipulations, HVLA manipulations
  • Posture analysis and correction
  • Soft tissue mobilization (Myofascial Release and scar tissue reduction)
  • Tool assisted soft tissue mobilization (Graston Technique)
  • Kinesio taping

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Meet the Team

  • Dr. Grant Stophlet, PT, DPT

    Dr. Grant Stophlet, PT, DPT

      Director, Physical Therapy
  • Russell B. Skinner, MD

    Russell B. Skinner, MD

      Medical Director
  • Charles Ortega, PAC, MPAS

    Charles Ortega, PAC, MPAS

      Master Of Physician Assistant
  • Jeffrey Fritz, MD

    Jeffrey Fritz, MD

  • Dennis Hines, MS, LPC, MAC

    Dennis Hines, MS, LPC, MAC

  • Jack Currin, Ph.D.

    Jack Currin, Ph.D.

      Clinical Psychologist
  • Hunter Jochem, CEO

    Hunter Jochem

  • Paul Sorrels, Ph.D.

    Paul Sorrels, Ph.D.




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