Jack Currin, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

I try to reassure patients right off the top that seeing a psychologist is a very normal part of an overall healthcare plan. It has no suggestion that they may be not well or crazy or anything like that. It’s our goal as a team to really investigate and look at every angle of a patient’s overall healthcare, and we can work together to help them achieve their goals. That, in most cases, means getting better, getting back to work, getting back to life.

“The way we end up utilizing the psychological piece very often is from a position of strength.” he notes.

What are the things a patient brings to the table already in terms of experience? Things they’ve overcome in the past and their own set of skills and knowledge…we bring that to bear along with some new health, some new information, a lot of positive education that can help them overcome a particular set of barriers and challenges they may be facing.

When a patient sees that the team at NextGen is greater than the sum of its parts and the light bulb goes on, it’s really exciting. They get that they have an opportunity to make progress where there may not have been much in the past. Pain is a really complex thing.

It is highly individual and unique, and lonely, yet its impact and its tentacles reach to all aspects of a patient’s life…relationships, work, self-esteem, you name it and it’s going to impact part of their life. So it’s out there but it’s a very unique approach that looks at a patient as a unique case—a unique person—bringing to bear the things that have made sense and worked for other people but then combining that with what this specific individual needs of a given patient arc. That, then, helps with the unique individual piece of the injury, of the pain, and addresses how it touches the rest of their life.

Dr. Currin grew up in Tyler, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin where he was an All-American and National Champion swimmer.  He completed a masters in theology from Duke University and attained his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of North Texas in 2001.  His training and practice specialties include geriatric neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology.

Dr. Currin lives with his wife Kristi, a pediatric physical therapist, in Argyle, Texas with their 7 (combined) children.  He is an avid runner and very involved in his church.

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  • Jack Currin, Ph.D.

    Jack Currin, Ph.D.

      Clinical Psychologist
  • Russell B. Skinner, MD

    Russell B. Skinner, MD

      Medical Director
  • Charles Ortega, PAC, MPAS

    Charles Ortega, PAC, MPAS

      Master Of Physician Assistant
  • Dr. Grant Stophlet, PT, DPT

    Dr. Grant Stophlet, PT, DPT

      Director, Physical Therapy
  • Jeffrey Fritz, MD

    Jeffrey Fritz, MD

  • Dennis Hines, MS, LPC, MAC

    Dennis Hines, MS, LPC, MAC

  • Hunter Jochem, CEO

    Hunter Jochem

  • Paul Sorrels, Ph.D.

    Paul Sorrels, Ph.D.




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