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Sean Lopez, Licensed Massage Therapist

Sean Lopez, massage therapist and physical therapy tech, started off as personal trainer at rehabilitation clinic.  He studied physical therapy and became licensed in massage working in chiropractic clinics before he joined the NextGen team.

He explains how Nextgen differs from other clinics in the services they offer, staying that it’s a one-stop shop.  “It benefits patients because whatever they need, we plan to have it so they don’t have to go from one appointment and drive 15-20 minutes away for another appointment,” he says.  “We hope to be one room away—they walk down the hall for their next appointment.”

Lopez describes how medical massage is specific to releasing muscles and improving range of motion.  It’s rewarding for Lopez to see his patients make physical progress.

“When I’m done with a patient after a session, I’m able to physically see their improvement in range of motion and strength, or the patient doing a particular exercise they weren’t previously able to do.”

What Lopez likes most about Nextgen and the staff is that he gets to educate the patients, explaining that education is key because there’s a lot of inaccurate information available from the internet or from friends and family who have been to other practitioners.  “We have a whole team here to back each other up and we can formulate the best treatment plan for the patient.  It’s important to educate the patient to exactly what is going on in their situation or case.  We do the evaluations to really know what is going on with a patient and how to exactly treat them, and not just go through ‘protocols.’”

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