“I love getting my therapy done here. Great for anyone who needs professional care with a personal approach.”


Zenia Ortega, Facilities Manager

Zenia Ortega, office manager, says that NextGen Wellness Clinic provides a more holistic approach for patients than other healthcare clinics.

“We are able to provide the patient not just with meeting their physical therapy needs and getting them through the process of their Workers’ Compensation cases. We have counseling services and staff that really gets deep into everything that ails the patient.”

Zenia says that NextGen patients benefit so greatly from treatment at the clinic because NextGen staff is constantly researching and incorporating new technologies for patient health, wellbeing and recovery.

“Sometimes you need a fresh perspective in alternative therapies,” Zenia says. “We are cutting edge. We are getting the latest treatments and procedures that we can to get patient health to a better place without resorting automatically to surgical options.”

Zenia says the final piece of the puzzle is patient education. At NextGen Wellness Clinic, our doctors and staff make patient education a priority to achieve the highest level of injury recovery. NextGen doctors and staff set out to make sure you know the ins and outs of your injury, what your recovery process will be like and what you need to do at home to ensure maximum recovery from your injuries.

“We like our patients to be very well educated on their condition and why their part in the process is so important,” Zenia says.


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