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Workers Compensation Providers

Personal Injury Doctors in Addison and Arlington

Are you faced with a workplace injury, car accident injuries? Our personal injury clinic can help? Every member of nextgen wellness group is committed to providing excellent care to ensure positive outcomes for each patient. We are the very best in treating personal injury cases and managing State and Federal Workers Compensation claims, including case management.

We are the leaders in providing medical care for State and Federal Workers Comp injuries, Motor Vehicle Accident injuries and Personal injuries.  Our expertise has earned nextgen wellness group recognition as a chosen provider of Federal Workers Compensation Assistance (OWCP).

Top Workers Compensation Providers in Addison & Arlington

At nextgen wellness group, we work hard to be one of the top workers compensation providers in Addison and Arlington. We have the expertise to manage and treat workplace injury, automobile accident injury and personal injury cases. Come out and see why we are different.

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Our clinics are conveniently located to provide care for the DFW area.

Addison, TX

14665 Midway Rd Ste 110
Addison, TX 75001


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Addison, TX

14665 Midway Rd Ste 110
Addison, TX 75001

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Arlington, TX

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Contact Hunter:

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Meet Hunter Jochem, CEO


Hunter Jochem, CEO of nextgen wellness group, has the kind of passion for healthcare rarely seen in the role of Chief Executive. His view is simple he says, “Put the patient first, every single time.” “I’m a businessman, not a doctor, but you don’t have to be a doctor to see the problems with most practices.” He explains. “They stick you in a room for two hours, then they see you for five minutes. Tell me that doesn’t make you angry.”

“When you come see us it’s all about “how can I take care of you” and not only that it’s about “how can it be a fair transaction between both of us?”

At nextgen wellness group, we can take care of everything a patient may need. “Its an integrated whole body approach. Meaning  you have to look at the entire person, not just a single aspect of that person’s treatment.” He continues, “Most of these places aren’t interested in that, they’re interested in their little niche and then send them to a specialist for the actual care that’s required to make the patient whole.”

“nextgen is also a leading force in the next wave of clinical care, Concierge Medicine.”

“We’ve come up with a program that is a corporate concierge medicine where a corporation can provide a patient care at rates much more competitively priced that conventional benefits. It’s an honest caring and affordable healthcare option. We’ve focused on creating an environment that feels like a family, without compromising the clinical care and scientific approach to proven methods of recovery.”

Contact Russell:

office: 972-382-9992


Meet Russell B. Skinner, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Russell Skinner, medical director and supervisor of nextgen wellness group has more than 10 years of experience in general family medicine. Dr. Skinner says that the focus and expertise nextgen has with workman’s compensation cases as well as general primary care sets their clinic apart from others.

With nextgen’s integrated approach, the clinic offers physical therapy, counseling, medical massage and chiropractic services all under one roof. Dr. Skinner says this approach benefits patient recovery on every level.

“The convenience factor is huge,” Dr. Skinner says. “A patient can come see their doctor, they do their therapy, we even have a licensed counselor. They don’t have to drive all over the metroplex to make all of their appointments. Traffic is not getting lighter so anything we can do to make it easier for someone to come and get everything done in one place makes life easier for them as a patient.”

nextgen wellness group’s integrated medical approach benefits the patient from the staff side as well. Each patient has one chart that each doctor can access and make notes on. This sharing of knowledge regarding the patient’s progress helps keep the staff and doctors on the same page to provide the patient with the most connected, concentrated care.

Contact Afshan:

office: 972-382-9992


Afshan specializes in a variety of treatments, including:

•  Physical therapy evaluation and examination
•  Bio-mechanical analysis and correction
•  Manual manipulations, HVLA manipulations
•  Posture analysis and correction
•  Soft tissue mobilization (Myofascial Release and scar tissue reduction)
•  Tool assisted soft tissue mobilization (Graston Technique)
•  Kinesio taping

Meet Afshan Shaikh, PT

Physical Therapy

Afshan Shaikh runs physical therapy at nextgen wellness group. Being one of nextgen wellness group workers comp providers, she treats workplace injury, car accident injury and personal injury cases. She found out about physical therapy as “conservative silent medicine” that could get the person back to what they were doing prior to their injury without doing a lot of extra things.  “You can’t undo surgeries or medicines if there’s an adverse reaction, but with strengthening, stretching, conservative care and activity modification, those are things that are safer and can be highly effective,” she explains.

Afshan describes nextgen’s multidisciplinary approach as its strength, leveraging many different skillsets from chiropractic to physical therapy, in addition to physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners.  “We pride ourselves on being up-to-date with best practices.  Everybody takes their piece of the puzzle,” she says.  “With that, we can treat the whole patient instead of a specific diagnosis.”  She goes on to say that multiple disciplines with multiple viewpoints are more effective for treating patients with multiple issues.

“As a patient here, you’re going to get different angles and the care you need, as opposed to other places that may just be specialized toward one thing.  We will treat your whole injury based on your background and your history, not just one specific diagnosis.”

A patient who comes to nextgen receives the benefits of both a general medicine approach to decrease pain and a therapeutic approach to gaining back physical attributes that were compromised in an injury.  Afshan states the goal is always to have patients walk out of the clinic better than they walked in.  “The reason people get into medicine in the first place is to give a patient the care they need to have less pain or no pain at all.  That’s really the reward in the healthcare field and our ultimate goal.”

Contact Jeffery:

office: 972-382-9992


Meet Jeffery Fritz, MD

Regenerative Medicine, Vein Specialist, Pain Management

Dr. Jeffery Fritz is an interventional pain management doctor who also provides regenerative medicine and vein treatment services. Dr. Fritz invests time with each patient, ensuring the treatment provided is the best pathway to get each one back to performing their normal daily routines painfree.

“Each patient is different,” Dr. Fritz says,“ which is why I take the time to understand the root cause of their pain. Once identified, I can put together a plan towards removing the pain and restoring the patient back to health.”

Dr. Frtitz Specializes In

  • Interventional Pain Management
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Vein Treatment

Contact Charles:

office: 972-382-9992


Meet Charles Ortega, PAC, MPAS

Physician Assistant Certified

P.A. Charles Ortega, HealthCare Provider, has spent the past 20+ years serving patients in family practice across the DFW Metroplex, urgent care and orthopedics. P.A. Ortega gained experience in Orthopedic and regenerative therapies in his medical practice and has first hand knowledge of the recovery to wellness after having played sports competitively. He began his careers as a P.A. in the field of orthopedics and regenerative therapy. Years later he began working in Primary Care after multiple surgeries and regenerative knee therapies.

This experience and subsequent studies expanded his knowledge to include Regenerative Therapies, Stem cell Treatments and PRP (platelet rich plasma).

P.A. Ortega likes the notion that physical therapy is designed to get patients back on their feet, but he focuses on the whole patient, not just the injury. “We have an approach where we go from the psychological aspect of an occupational injury to the physical aspect. We have a counselor onsite to address not only the physical needs, but the emotional needs. If the patient’s life is interrupted and they can’t do what they used to do, it can cause emotional problems or self-confidence issues.”

The team has a goal-oriented approach to fixing things. P.A. Ortega explains that they try to provide treatments we’ve seen supported evidence for and are willing to try other approaches if conservative measures fail. “If we need a specialist, we decide when and if that’s appropriate,” he says. “We try to keep everything under one roof to give the patient a quicker and easier experience of getting back to normal function. That goes for both general medicine and physical therapy.”

P.A. Ortega has always been involved in competitive sports. Circumstances led to bilateral knee injuries during his sports career but have provided him with firsthand experience in orthopedic conditions and sports injuries.  He has been in practice for 20+ years gaining focus on occupational, orthopedic and family medicine.

He lives with his wife and two kids in North Dallas. He enjoys spending time his family mountain biking and playing golf.

  • American Academy of Physician Assistants Fellow
  • Texas Medical License

Contact Bill:

office: 972-382-9992


Meet Bill Palmer

Doctor of Chiropractic, Nurse Practitioner

Diverse experience, continued commitment are two ways to introduce Dr. Bill Palmer, DC.

Dr. Bill Palmer is a University of Texas El Paso Nursing graduate from 1997. He then became a Doctor of Chiropractic, graduating from Parker Chiropractic College and in 2006. Continuing his education, in 2008 he became a certified as a chiropractic nurse practitioner.

This long term journey is only one of the ways he demonstrates his desire to help people as much as he can.

“At nextgen wellness group, Chiropractic is one of the specialties we offer.  Through chiropractic care we are able to see the patient health as more than a symptom. We try to help through adjustments and many other practices so that they can feel overall wellness.  We don’t just look at the foot, we look at spine, the knee and everything since each is interconnected to a whole health approach.”

That treatment modality is consistent with the things that nextgen does, helping patients to reach their optimum wellness.

Contact Jack:

office: 972-382-9992


Meet Jack Currin, Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist

I try to reassure patients right off the top that seeing a psychologist is a very normal part of an overall healthcare plan. It has no suggestion that they may be not well or crazy or anything like that. It’s our goal as a team to really investigate and look at every angle of a patient’s overall healthcare, and we can work together to help them achieve their goals. That, in most cases, means getting better, getting back to work, getting back to life.

“The way we end up utilizing the psychological piece very often is from a position of strength.” he notes.

What are the things a patient brings to the table already in terms of experience? Things they’ve overcome in the past and their own set of skills and knowledge…we bring that to bear along with some new health, some new information, a lot of positive education that can help them overcome a particular set of barriers and challenges they may be facing.

When a patient sees that the team at nextgen is greater than the sum of its parts and the light bulb goes on, it’s really exciting. They get that they have an opportunity to make progress where there may not have been much in the past. Pain is a really complex thing.

It is highly individual and unique, and lonely, yet its impact and its tentacles reach to all aspects of a patient’s life…relationships, work, self-esteem, you name it and it’s going to impact part of their life. So it’s out there but it’s a very unique approach that looks at a patient as a unique case—a unique person—bringing to bear the things that have made sense and worked for other people but then combining that with what this specific individual needs of a given patient arc. That, then, helps with the unique individual piece of the injury, of the pain, and addresses how it touches the rest of their life.

Dr. Currin grew up in Tyler, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin where he was an All-American and National Champion swimmer.  He completed a masters in theology from Duke University and attained his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of North Texas in 2001.  His training and practice specialties include geriatric neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology.

Dr. Currin lives with his wife Kristi, a pediatric physical therapist, in Argyle, Texas with their 7 (combined) children.  He is an avid runner and very involved in his church.

Contact Dennis:

office: 972-382-9992


Meet Dennis Hines, MS, LPC, MAC


Dennis Hines, counselor, works in partnership with physical therapists, physician’s assistants and chiropractors at nextgen wellness group to help workers’ compensation candidates get back to their normal lives.  His fascination with people led him to his counseling career.  Hines says workplace injuries cause more than chronic pain—they often result in anxiety and depression that can profoundly affect family life and parenting, along with social life and love life.

“It’s a joint effort here at nextgen to improve the quality of patients’ lives and not only their physical function, but also their emotional function, so they’re not isolated and sitting at home.  I help them make the adjustments they need so they can live a happier life.”

Hines believes the convenience of providing multiple services inside the clinic has a notable impact on patient wellness and improvement, stating that it’s because seeing all their healthcare providers in the same place allows an individual to focus on getting better instead of driving all over town.

He goes on to explain what sets nextgen wellness group apart from other clinics.  “The difference between us and a lot of clinics is that we are the personal touch.  We care a whole lot about each person there.  I try to go above and beyond, making sure the patient gets everything they need.  It’s a sharing of patient responsibility and teamwork.”

Contact Elsa:

office: 972-382-9992


Meet Elsa Thomas, DPT

Clinical Physical Therapist

What sets her apart as a case manager?

She is a kind and empathetic therapist who treats her patients with at most care. She also understands the social responsibility of educating her patients with the most recent  research and evidence-based practice. 

Practicing since March of 2020

Why is a case manager important?

A physical therapist has an important role to play while helping their patients manage pain, restore function, and prevent disability.  

What else to know about Elsa and about case managers:

She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology which tremendously helps her understand the patients needs. She also bilingual and fluent in multiple Indian languages which has proven to be beneficial for many patients.

Contact Nick:

office: 972-382-9992


Meet Nick Pikel, PTA

Physical Therapy Assistant

Nick has experience in a variety of PT settings including orthopedic, geriatric, return to sport, workers compensation, cancer rehab, aquatic, amputee/prosthetic and DME.

Nick is enthusiastic and personable, and enjoys working and learning from all different types of people.

Nick will listen to your specific situation and develop a care plan with your life and goals in mind, to help enable that patients return to daily, occupational and recreational activities.

Contact Darren:

office: 972-382-9992


Meet Darren Roth, PA-C

Certified Physician Assistant

P.A. Darren Roth, one of the healthcare providers at nextgen wellness group, has spent over 14 years treating patients with chronic and acute injuries and disease. He has worked 3 years in Orthopedics and over 11 years in Primary Care. Darren has the experience and expertise to treat primary care, pediatrics, GYN, urgent care, chronic diseases, orthopedics, and to perform injections and minor procedures.

Darren received his Masters of Medical Science and Physician Assistant studies at Saint Louis University. He has worked for a non-profit treating uninsured patients in Denver, CO. He has since moved back to Texas to be near family. Darren is one of our providers who is fluent in Spanish.

Darren enjoys travel and tourism. He lived in Equador in the Galapagos Islands for one year. He has served in medical missions in Honduras and Guatemala.