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Psychological Services

Workers’ Compensation Psychiatrists

Did you know it is estimated that almost fifty percent of neck and back injuries lead to a severe depression? Were you injured on the job or at work and are experiencing psychological problems such as depression, stress, chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD or panic attacks? If so, you may be entitled to psychological treatment with a nextgen wellness group workers’ compensation psychologist.

One of the problems that people run into when they recognize that they need psychological help due to a work place injury is finding psychiatrists who accept Workers’ Compensation or No-Fault. At nextgen wellness group, we accept patients who need psychological help.

As you may know, dealing with Workers’ Compensation can be a real struggle. Our friendly staff is experienced in dealing with insurance carriers.  Our staff intervenes on your behalf with the carriers when the inevitable problems occur. We are also experienced in working with your attorney.

Workers’ compensation also known as workers’ comp or workman’s compensation provides medical and/or psychological treatment to workers who have suffered injuries or accidents while on the job. These workplace injuries may result in psychological or “behavioral” issues that require treatment.  Some of these psychological problems include:

  • Fear
  • Stress
  • anxiety disorders
  • panic disorder
  • depression
  • sleep disorders
  • adjustment disorders
  • anger issues
  • relationship issues
  • caregiver distress
  • difficulty coping with disability

We offer psychiatric help that is focused on these and other related disorders. If you have had a serious injury at work as a result of negligence or a motor vehicle accident, the psychiatrists at nextgen wellness group can help you.