What is Health Care Reimagined

What is Health Care Reimagined in our dfw injury clinic

At the heart of innovation is imagination. The power to conceive, matched only with the desire to help is the cornerstone of what we call Healthcare Reimagined.

Usually, a dfw injury clinic emphasis on each patient individually because each patient is unique. Not just unique physically, but unique emotionally, financially and socially. Some may be athletes or children. Some may be laborers or lawyers. Full of strength or worn down by injury. We recognize all of these differences every day by doing something you may not have experienced from other care providers, compassion. You’ll feel the difference immediately on your first visit to NextGen Wellness. It comes from each person, each treatment, each diagnosis, each recovery. It comes from the convenience of a ground floor clinic with all your caregivers in one space, each working as a team, with your recovery to wellness as their sole focus.

Our treatment philosophy emphasizes evidence-based manual and therapeutic exercise techniques that are tailored toward efficiently returning patients, athletes, and employees to their pre-injury status. We treat orthopedic and sports injuries, provide spinal rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation, and industrial rehabilitation.

At Nextgen Wellness Clinic employees collaborate directly with a dynamic team of physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, physicians, nurses, and chiropractors that provide the highest quality of care. We are committed to “Improving the Quality of Life” for our patients, providing comprehensive and compassionate treatment.

We accept all commercial insurance, workers’ compensation, personal injury, Department of Labor (DOL), and motor vehicle accident with (LOP). We also specialize in OWCP claims, Schedule Award Impairment Ratings, MMI Ratings, OPM Disability Evaluations, and working with adjusters to get your checks started in our dfw injury clinic. Nextgen knows how difficult it is to navigate the endless paperwork that comes with getting your claims accepted. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you through the process.

The only “one size fits all” is the size of our commitment to your recovery.

Primary Care in Our dfw injury clinic

  1. Annual physical exam in our dfw injury clinic
  2. Surgical pre-operative clearance exams
  3. Care for acute illness & injury, lacerations
    & skin infections
  4. Treatment of chronic illnesses such as
    diabetes, high blood pressure, high
    cholesterol, thyroid disease, asthma &
    allergies, etc.
  5. Weight management

Testing & Reports

  1. NVC/ EMG
  2. FCE
  3. PPT
  4. Impairment Ratings
  5. OPM Disability
  6. Work Restrictions

Behavioral Programs

  1. Psych Upgrades
  2. Counseling Services
  3. Occupational Therapy

Functional Restoration

  1. Return to Work Programs
  2. Chronic Pain
  3. Work Hardening
  4. Work Conditioning

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