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What to Expect at a Pain Management Clinic


Getting referred to a pain management clinic starts your specialized treatments for chronic pain. Usually, a primary care physician refers a patient since they may not treat the problem at hand. While family doctors are trusted medical professionals, they do not have the necessary skills to pinpoint, address, and resolve acute or chronic pain.

Only a licensed pain management practitioner can get to the root of your symptoms with persistent pain. As a patient,  you may be concerned about what happens at the clinic and how the doctors help you. The following essentials ease your worries and help you make the most out of your appointments.

What is a pain management clinic?

A pain management center, features medical professionals specializing in diagnosing and treating all types of pain. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Automobile and workplace injuries
  • Sports injuries and rehabilitation
  • Personal injuries; slips and falls
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Knee, joint, muscle, and ligament pain
  • Tendonitis, bursitis, and other common or extensive conditions

Our physical therapists and pain physicians offer a wide array of services. These include physical therapy, regenerative medicine, and aquatic therapies. In addition, we provide vestibular rehab and care plans for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and more advanced cases.

What is the difference between outpatient/inpatient clinics?

NextGen is an outpatient clinic helping patients deal with pain at all levels. Instead of staying at a hospital, you can attend one of our clinics weekly or over several weeks for treatments. Outpatient centers are more commonly used to treat recurring pain than inpatient clinics.

If you are referred to an inpatient pain management clinic, you will receive treatments in a hospital setting for three to four weeks. These centers offer care programs for intensive pain management.

Why were you referred to a pain care center?

If your pain persists for more than three months, it’s classified as chronic pain. Chances are you have already consulted with your family doctor, but they were only able to help you to an extent. Chronic pain affects normal activities like work, sports, and family time. It restricts normal mobility and makes even menial chores harder to perform. This is why your primary care physician referred you to the pain management professionals at NextGen.

According to researchers, there are currently 50 million Americans dealing with chronic pain. This has affected their ability to work and social lives. Recurring pain even causes $80 billion in lost wages each year. While there is ongoing research for better treatments, you need a pain care clinic to diagnose and treat your condition(s) accordingly.

NextGen pain management clinic goals

NextGen takes an integrated whole-body approach to remedying pain at all levels. Our reputable clinic is committed to alleviating your pain and helping patients with preventative care. Whether dealing with workplace injuries, extremities pain, obesity-related distress, or mobility issues, we share the same goals as our patients. These include:

  • Pain science education and communicating with patients on each facet of their treatments.
  • Providing pain therapies and remedies in a natural, organic manner. We have the tools and expertise you need to live a pain-free lifestyle.
  • Helping you increase your level of functioning, injury pain care restores optimal mobility and enables you to regain proper balance.
  • Reducing pain symptoms while getting to the root of the problem. We believe in whole-body treatments instead of just treating pain at its surface.
  • Decreasing your anxiety and frustration with proven techniques for complete pain eradication. This restores your confidence, and you learn to use the muscles properly – thus avoiding further injuries.
  • Giving you more control of your life and any health-related conditions causing recurring pain.

The initial consultation – what to expect

The initial consultation is the first step in your road to recovery. One of our pain management doctors will consult with you about how long the pain has occurred. The physician will ask plenty of questions to analyze and assess any underlying issues or recent injuries effectively. This is a great time to ask your physician any questions or voice concerns. Remember, communication is the key to receiving proper treatments so be transparent. The specialist will also inquire the following:

  • Which areas of your body are hurting, and if the pain affects your daily functioning.
  • If the chronic pain affects your sleeping patterns, eating, and exercise regimens.
  • Whether you have already received a prior diagnosis for your pain. Also, what type of support do you have at home.
  • How are you coping with the pain currently?
  • If you are taking any medications prescribed by your  PCP.
  • Any other health issues you may currently have or had.

What happens after the consultation?

Your pain management physician will perform a hands-on examination. This entails applying gentle pressure on specific areas or moving parts of your body. Next, the doctor will ask you about the severity of the pain in these areas while looking for inflammation, swelling, and other physical abnormalities.

You may be given several tests, especially if you don’t have a prior diagnosis. These include blood tests, MRIs, x-rays, and ultrasounds that check for underlying issues. Testing may be done at the first appointment or the next one. Again, it is essential to be honest with professionals to diagnose the pain and condition accurately. Ask the physician or nurse questions and let them know how you feel.

What happens next?

Our NextGen team will discuss the results of any tests administered during your first appointment. Then, they will consult with each other and notify you about your next appointment. This is when you will receive a diagnosis unless you already have one. However, this preliminary diagnosis enables us to monitor your pain and provide updates.

Our specialists will discuss treatment options with you. These plans will be personalized to meet your physical/mental health and wellness goals. We will also help you manage the pain, decrease symptoms, and increase your daily functioning. Depending on the severity of your pain, treatments at our clinic can be set for several weeks. Our experts will guide you throughout the entire treatment process. You may even be given specific exercises to practice at home.

Personalized treatments for your pain relief

NextGen has a range of medical professionals at your service. Our team consists of pain management doctors, neurologists, regenerative medicine specialists, physician assistants, physical therapists, nurses, and many more. Each plays a pivotal role in your personalized treatment plan. Whether it’s physical therapy, rehabilitative sessions, deep-tissue massages, or more, your pain relief is always our highest priority.

We will discuss any medications we may prescribe to relieve your symptoms. In addition, our physicians and specialists have years of extensive medical experience and training. This means you are in good hands from the moment you visit our clinics.

At NextGen, we offer two convenient locations in Dallas and Arlington, Texas, for all your pain management needs. Do not let chronic pain get a foothold in your daily life and happiness. Instead, schedule a consultation or appointment today and start living a pain-free life today.

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