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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy offers a range of therapeutic benefits. It is designed to treat joint, tendon, and muscular abnormalities. In addition, water therapy rebuilds a patient’s strength while reducing inflammation and improving their movements. NextGen features qualified aquatic therapists who supervise sessions in heated therapy pools.  

Aquatic therapy is a unique form of physical therapy that sees patients submerged in water. Water reduces stress on the joints, especially for patients dealing with obesity or pain issues. The essential properties of water help reduce inflammation, decrease joint compression, and enable pain-free movements.

Water also provides natural resistance for strengthening exercises. The pressure and warmth are ideal for patients who have arthritis and musculoskeletal problems. Exercising in water supports patients of all weights and has been proven to produce timely, measurable results.

NextGen Pain & Injury Clinic is at the forefront of aquatic therapies.

Benefits of water therapy

Aquatic therapy is beneficial for patients receiving physical treatment for injuries. However, it helps patients with orthopedic disorders who experience frequent or recurring pain. The water relieves their discomfort and restores optimal movements.

Patients with chronic pain benefit from aquatic therapies. The water temperature and pressure alleviate the pain and ensure more effective physical treatments. The same also goes for patients with balance disorders who regain proper balance and mobility in the water.

While aquatic therapy is undoubtedly helpful, it is not for everyone. Patients with open wounds, incontinence, sensitivity to chlorine, or seizures are usually not given these therapies. For those that qualify, here are some more advantages:

  • Allows ease of movement
  • Helps patients with balance disorders
  • Improves range of motion
  • Ideal for patients with chronic pain and orthopedic problems
  • Reduces joint impact

Therapeutic temperatures are usually set at 94 degrees for maximum results. The benefits are:

  • Decreases abnormal tone, rigidity, and spasticity.
  • Alleviates recurring pain
  • Ensures optimal muscle relaxation, releases tension and stress
  • Increases blood flow, ideal for patients with varicose veins
  • Increases flexibility and mobility

Hydrostatic Water Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure also increases circulation and venous return. Aquatic therapies decrease edema and provide resistance for strengthening exercises. It even stimulates body awareness, establishing better connections between patients and their bodies.

Mental Health Benefits

Aquatic therapies soothe aching muscles and help patients feel refreshed. In addition, the warm temperatures reduce anxiety, stress and enhance patient moods and morale.

Injuries and ailments treated

Aquatic therapies help patients suffering from chronic lower back pain. It is also used for post-op patients undergoing physical rehabilitation for injuries or ailments. The heated water and supervised activities by NextGen therapists tackle several conditions. These include but are not limited to:

  • Arthritis
  • Imbalance and risk of all
  • Knee, ankle, and pelvic injuries
  • Neurological issues
  • Spine, shoulder, and hip injuries

There are several types of aquatic therapies in practice today. These include:

  • Ai  Chi – a water-based version of Tai Chi
  • Aquatic yoga,
  • Aquatic Pilates
  • The Bad Ragaz Method
  • Aquatic running – suitable for patients with knee or ankle injuries. Low-impact water exercises that improve cardiovascular health.

Your NextGen aquatic therapist will determine which method is proper for you. All therapies are customized to meet your individual health, recovery, and wellness goals.

Alternative to land exercises

 Aquatic therapies are the perfect solution for patients who cannot exercise on land. In addition, the physical therapy pool helps patients increase stamina, flexibility and achieve a good range of motion. Its low-impact environment is especially suitable for post-surgery patients undergoing physical rehabilitation.

Water therapies decrease the chances or risk of further injuries – while exercising on land. Along with the body’s buoyancy in water, these advanced therapies eliminate 20% to 100% of a patient’s body weight.  This gives them the freedom to achieve rehabilitative results without the worry of injury or accident.

NextGen features qualified aquatic therapists who can help you overcome chronic pain. Learn more by contacting our clinic today and experience the difference.